Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Reason for Pooping

Rafa, sitting on the throne while doing number 2:

Rafa:  "Why do we poo-poo, Mum?"
Mum:  {thinking of how to explain the waste elimination process} "So that the waste or the dirty stuff in our tummy will..."
Rafa:  {answering his own question} "So that we can get the spaceship book!"

Nice one, son!

*He gets books as prizes for pooping in the potty.  The first time, he got an airplane book.  Then he asked for a spaceship book but we keep forgetting about it because we were always busy thinking what his poop looked like.  Sometimes it's a Parasaurolophus, sometimes it's a Diplodocus, a Velociraptor, and so on.  

Mum Is A Lucky Girl

So we were walking home today-- the three of us, after our session at the library.  Then this sweet boy suddenly turned to me and said,

Rafa:  "You're a lucky girl, Mum!"
Mum: "Really? Why am I a lucky girl?"
Rafa:  "Because I love you!"

Oh sweet.  And the way he said it that time was really touching. Here's the reproduction of the video.  I just asked Rafa to repeat what he said a while ago so I can record it.  

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October 4, 2011

October 4, 2011.  This is the day our little boy officially became a Big Boy.  As some of you may have known, he's been wee-wee trained since last year.  He doesn't wear a nappy to school, when we go out and during his afternoon naps.  He can not wear a nappy at night when he sleeps but we still make him wear one "just in case." 

But pupu training's another thing.  He knows when he needs to go but will always insist on putting the nappy and doing number 2 in them. Then last night, October 4, 2011, he pooped in the potty!  It was a bitter-sweet moment, with him crying and holding his poop until he can no longer hold it and just let go.  . I wiped his pwet-pwet (butt) with tissue and touched his pwet-pwet to show him how fantastic it is not to feel the poop on your butt.  When he stood up, he felt so proud to see this giant poop on the bowl!  He said "I did it Mum and my pupu looks like it has a crest on the head!"  -- "crest on the head" (after the Parasaurolophus, hmmm, little boy's dinosaur phase).

And oh, before he "let go," he kept asking for a nappy and I told him that daddy went down to get his nappy because we ran out of nappies. After his "success," he said "my baby sister will just use the nappy that Daddy bought."

Sorry for this cheesy post, my heart is just bursting with joy with this milestone.  This milestone came a little late but it was sweet nonetheless.  

Playing at the Indoor Playground

Here are some forgotten videos from long ago (July 2011).  It's just three months ago but we've been seeing a lot of positive changes in the little boy that three months feel like a decade ago.  They grow up so fast!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Biking Boy

The first time  I brought the bike to school, he got really excited.  He was so proud to show his classmate how to use the bike bell.  I think he got challenged when his classmate borrowed the bike. 

This is the second time he rode his "big boy bike."  I dragged the bike to school again and he had so much fun.